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Accelerate Your Data-driven Marketing Capabilities

Your DiG Tactical Unit™ is a combination of strategic consultants and hands-on analysts hand-selected for your needs.   Our embedded team arrives on site with an arsenal of expertise ready to hit the ground running.

Hand selected DiG team

Our Value Proposition includes:

1. Helping you develop your analytic roadmap to ensure you take the right steps –  and get the investments you need along the way.

DiG team holding roadmap

2. Building the right foundation and enhancing your in-house capabilities:

  • Marketing infrastructure – implementing the right technology to support your marketing needs;
  • Data and analytic processes – developing efficient scalable processes;
  • Team development and mentoring – building your analytic, data and business capabilities through hands-on support.
DiG team building a foundation


3. Getting  things DONE!  Because we know you still have a business to run.

  • Embedded analysts working alongside your team to move things forward
  • Subject matter expert SWAT teams to tackle “tough stuff”
getting things done for services page

Talk to us about how a DiG Tactical Unit™ can help you meet the challenging demands of being a Marketer today.

It’s your data – it’s your strategic asset.  Let DiG help make sense of it all.

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