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While each organization’s demands and circumstances are unique, the need for experienced strategic thinkers with extensive knowledge of data and analytics is quickly becoming universal.  Data Insight Group Inc. (DiG) has been working with a variety of clients in the marketing field for over sixteen years, and has developed a unique approach to working with our clients.

Our unique model of ‘in-sourcing’ enables optimal collaboration between the experts of your business and DiG analytic specialists while ensuring that your biggest asset, your data, stays protected behind your firewalls. With this in mind Data Insight Group Inc. created the DiG Tactical Unit™, a team of marketing analytic resources who work in-house with our clients.

The DiG Tactical Unit™ arrives on site with an arsenal of expertise and openness – ready to get the job done, and to help each and every stakeholder understand the outcomes.  We work as an extension of our client’s existing teams; supporting them, empowering them, and working along side them each and every step of the way.

Below is a brief sampling of case studies of some of the work the DiG Tactical Unit™ has recently taken on.  Discover the power of your data without the daunting task of handling all of the details.

Identifying When to Ask the Experts

A long time DiG client had recently experienced a lot of turnover on their campaign operations and analytics team, and was looking to advance the expertise of their relatively junior team…

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Identifying Clients at Risk

A telecommunications start-up was looking for an analytics-based solution to proactively identify and manage customer churn…

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 Identifying Growth Opportunities

As a result of changes in the competitive environment, a client wanted to know which of its customers would be interested in a new product line…

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Identifying Customer Value

A client wanted to leverage its database investment and measure and monitor customer profitability over time…

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Identifying Process Solutions

One of Data Insight Group’s (DiG) clients recently underwent a merger.  The merger brought significant challenges for sales and marketing as they navigated their…

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